Clean energy legislation impacting climate change has taken a hopeful turn since the Massachusetts Senate Omnibus Energy bill passed unanimously on June 14. We want this bill to pass before the end of this current legislative session at midnight on July 31!

A conference committee has been appointed to determine the wording of the bill that would go to both chambers for an up-or-down vote. This conference committee and subsequent votes in both chambers are our last chance to get strong clean energy legislation this session! We must not wait another two years or longer.

This week we are continuing the pressure with vigils outside the offices of conference committee members and we need your help to recruit more people to be a presence in the state house this week. Can you share the sign-up form with your family and friends to sign-up for shifts? We need a serious, consistent turn out and a rousing rally on Thursday. #WhyWeWontRest !

Click here to fill out your availability for vigil spots on Wednesday, July 25 from 12-1pm and Thursday, July 26 from 12-5pm.

Also, please call and email your Representative, Speaker DeLeo, and members of the Conference Committee over the next week. Contact information is below.

Here’s what to tell them:

  • Climate change is an urgent issue that requires comprehensive action now.
  • We urge the committee keep all aspects of the Senate Energy Omnibus Bill, now included in S.2608, and have both chambers vote on strong, comprehensive clean energy legislation that will protect our citizens and our economy.
  • Specific priorities included in S.2608 that we support are:  1) increasing the renewable portfolio standard by 3%, 2) putting a price on carbon that addresses transportation sector emissions, 3) removing solar net metering caps, and 4) ensuring equitable solar access for all.


(House) Rep. Thomas Golden, House Chair of Conference Committee –, 617-722-2263
(House) Rep. Patricia Haddad –, 617-722-2600
(House) Rep. Bradley, 617-722-2100

(Senate) Sen. Michael Barrett: Senate Chair of Conference Committee –, 617-722-1572
(Senate) Sen. Marc, 617-722-1551
(Senate) Sen. Patrick O’, 617-722-1646