Green Newton’s Schools Connections Group now has a website! Check it out at or click on ‘School Connections’ on the top menu of the Green Newton homepage. You will find the latest updates on sustainability in the Newton public schools, tips on greening school life, and resources for parents and teachers. You can also sign up to get the School Connections e-newsletter.
School Connections will meet next on Thursday, October 10 from 3:45-5pm in the third-floor arc area of the Newton Free Library (330 Homer St., Newton). The group provides a forum for parents, students and educators to promote sustainability in the classroom and beyond. All are welcome to participate as we share experiences and ideas that support the implementation of green initiatives in our schools.

Our recent initiatives:

  • GN School Connections petitioned the Newton School Committee about the need to improve recycling in Newton’s schools, and the committee adopted a new school recycling policy in the spring of 2019.
  • Our advocacy was instrumental in getting the city to consider environmental practices and waste reduction in schools with the selection of a new food service vendor, Whitsons.
  • Representatives of GN School Connections will participate in discussions with the City to improve food quality and sustainability in school cafeterias.
  • GN School Connections worked with city leaders to submit a state grant application to support the expansion of the school recycling program. We are also advocating for the city’s approval to set up textile recycling collection containers outside of each school building.

For more information contact or visit the GN School Connections website.