Tip of the Week: Reusable Fabric Bags for Buying Fruits and Veggies

If you’d like to help to reduce plastic waste, try bringing reusable fabric bags to supermarkets for your fruit and veggie purchases instead of using plastic bags from the produce department. Also, consider whether you need any bag at all if you are putting produce such as bananas into your shopping bag.

Using fabric bags or no bag at all when buying fruit and veggies will help to reduce pollution and the harm caused to wildlife that become entangled and/or suffer from ingesting plastic that’s mistaken as food. Another problem is that most plastic bags are made from fossil fuels, and even bio-degradable bags require specific conditions to break down.

Taking steps to further reduce our plastic waste can make a difference when it comes to the global impact of the mega-millions of plastic bags that are discarded every year.

For info on purchasing or making your own reusable produce bags visit: