Tip of the Week: Items to Avoid in Your Green Recycling Cart

Single stream recycling adds convenience, but it can be confusing. Keep at mind that the only materials that should go in the green cart are: 1) empty bottles, jars, and containers made of metal, plastic, and glass from the kitchen, laundry and bath; 2) all paper, paperboard, and flattened cardboard; and 3) empty food and beverage cartons. That’s it. Look up where specific materials go using the Newton’s Recycle Right tool or download the Recycle Right Newton app. Find more information about curbside and drop off recycling options at www.newtonma.gov/recycling.

PLEASE DON’T put any of these materials in your green cart because Waste Management, our recycling contractor, does not recycle them:

Newtonn Recycling Cart