Cleaned in the washing machine and air dried, tote bags can serve you through many uses and for a variety of purposes. However, what to do if your closet is brimming with more tote bags than you could ever use? First, make a commitment to say ‘no’ the next time a free one is offered to you. Then, if you must weed your bags, you can donate them for better uses elsewhere.

There are plenty of good uses for your unwanted totes:

  • Use them to bring clothing donations to shelters, houses of worship or Goodwill, and leave them as part of the donation.
  • Bundle food donations for soup kitchens and food banks in reusable bags instead of disposable ones so the bags can be passed along to patrons.
  • If your supermarket has a food bank box, donate extra grocery totes there.
  • Donate a stack of clean totes to short-term shelters, libraries, senior centers, preschools, or charitable organizations like Bags4Kids.
  • Use them in lieu of gift bags when bringing gifts or food to friends and family.
  • Totes that are no longer serviceable can still be donated to organizations like ChicoBag’s Pay It Forward program.