Have you made the switch to heating with a heat pump? If you use a heat pump as your main source of heating your whole home, you can take advantage of the cheaper A4 residential electricity delivery rate through Eversource. The A4 rate is “available to all domestic uses in a single private dwelling, in an individual apartment or in a residential condominium in which the principal means of heating the premises is provided by permanently installed electric space heating equipment.” Changing over would lower the delivery portion of the Eversource electric bill by a little over 1 cent per kilowatt used. If you use 2000 kWh per billing cycle during the heating season, the A4 rate would save you over $20 for the month. The supply portion of your bill (the portion that covers Newton Power Choice) would not be affected.

To change over, call Eversource customer service at 800-592-2000 with your account number in hand and tell the representative that you use an electric heat pump as your main source of heating your home, and that you would like to change to the A4 rate. The new rate should take effect in one billing cycle and appear on your bill under the delivery rate pricing.

(See the complete listing of rate categories and current pricing.)