Office equipment that is set automatically to switch to sleep mode not only uses less energy, it runs cooler and helps the equipment last longer. You can save energy by doing the following:

  • Avoid using a screensaver when your computer monitor is not active.  Let it switch to sleep mode or turn the monitor off instead.
  • Turn off machines when not in use.
  • ‘Standby’ places your system into low power mode while idle. This is a good solution when you need to quickly return to system use.
  • ‘Hibernate’ places an image of your working desktop on to your hard drive and completely shuts the system down. This is a good solution for laptops running low on battery power. It takes longer to “wake up” than a computer in sleep mode.
  • Shut your monitor and peripherals off when not in use.
  • Close the cover of your laptop when not in use.
  • Use shared printing resources when possible.
  • Set your monitor to sleep mode after about 10 minutes.

Other recommendations:

  • When purchasing a new computer system, make sure the computer is Energy Star 4 or 5 compliant. EPEAT Gold is also recommended for new systems and monitors.
  • If possible, buy a laptop instead of a desktop system to save power over the life of the system.
  • Recycle your old system for reuse, but make sure to erase all of the data using a disk wiping tool or remove the hard disk from the system.