Please hold on to yard signs until you know if candidates want to pick them up from your house. Yard signs are generally made from corrugated plastic and are lightweight and durable. Corrugated plastic signs are not recyclable in the green cart. (Remember: non-black plastic containers are recyclable in the green cart, other plastics are not.)  The metal holders can be taken to the Newton Resource Recovery Center (115 Rumford Ave., Newton) as scrap metal. Here are some cool ways to reuse them.

1. Paint and Personalize 

For yard sales or celebrating special events, a coat of paint will leave you with a blank canvas to tout your message.

2. DIY Storage Boxes and Basket Liners

Easy to cut and more durable than cardboard, campaign yard signs are sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and are easier to work with than metal or wood.  Check out these creative uses:

A:  Storage Boxes – Instructables tutorial by philorr