Communities are getting wise to the pollution caused by single use plastic bags and banning their use in stores, but the use of single use garbage bags remains popular. Plastic garbage bags weren’t always commonplace and is certainly not necessary for the disposal of  trash. A paper grocery bag can work just as well and is much better for the environment. All that’s needed is to keep your organics in the compost pile and out of the trash. Without the moisture from the organic waste, your paper bag will stay dry.

  1. Keep a simple home compost pile or sign up for curbside service (Newton partners with Black Earth).
  2. Line your trash bins with paper bags. If you are concerned about seepage, line the bottom with newspapers.
  3. Try it for a month and see how doable it is!


For more ideas on reducing plastic in your life, go to Plastic Free July.

**Don’t forget to take your reusable grocery and produce bags to the store. The state ban has been lifted!**

Artwork by Alicia Doung