The Bigelow PTO has suggested great ideas for families to reduce school shopping lists during the summer by keeping items from this school year that are still in good condition. This can save money, will reduce waste and it can be a great opportunity to embrace our sustainable values for students. There’s a reason reduce & reuse come before recycle– not just because it sounds good, but it’s the order in which we should approach sustainability.

After the school year is over, take the following steps:

  • Empty backpacks, pencil cases, binders, folders.
  • Clean everything (a swipe of rubbing alcohol can remove marker and make things look like new).
  • Organize pens, pencils, markers, scissors, calculators, etc.
  • Take out the used pages of notebooks and evaluate if the notebook can be reused in school or at home.

When the school supply list arrives during the summer, compare the list with what you have organized and cleaned. You might find out that there’s very little to buy!