Here’s a simple recycling tip: focus on the shape of the item, not the number!  The number inside a triangle of arrows ♻️ actually identifies the type of resin that a plastic is made from. If it’s a bottle, jar, jug, or tub—you can recycle it! 

For more tips and tricks, use Recycle Smart MA’s handy guide to learn what can and can’t go in your bin.


Remember, you should not put the following into the green recycling bin:

NO plastic bags or film–gums up the sorting machines at the processing center.

NO black plastic (usually takeout containers)–sorting machines cannot distinguish them as plastic. Other colors are okay. Please tell restaurants and stores to stock alternative containers.

NO containers with food or drink in them–these contaminate the recyclable materials. Newton will be fined by the hauler, which means we ultimately pay the price.