Your monthly electric usage is likely go up with more family members spending more time at home. It’s a good time to check your electricity usage for maximum efficiency. Get into the habit of unplugging unused charging cords and appliances which still consume energy when connected to an outlet. Of course, turn out lights when leaving a room!

Here are some additional energy-saving recommendations from Eversource:

  • Dishwashing – You could save about $1,300 worth of energy and nearly 230 hours per year of personal time by using a fully loaded dishwasher instead of hand-washing.
  • Refrigerator – For the best performance and energy saving, ENERGY STAR recommends keeping your refrigerator at 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit, and your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Streaming – Using a tablet to watch a show or movie will use one-fourth the energy of a laptop.

Go to the Eversource website for additional tips.


Make sure the electricity you do use is from 100% renewable energy. Opt up to Newton’s 100% Green option on your electric account HERE.

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