The best solution for a zero waste holiday season is to reduce and reuse. Wrap gifts with home-made or purchased reusable cloth wraps in the style of Japanese furoshiki or in cloth bags. Upcycle used paper wrap, boxes, ribbons, and tags with creative embellishments. The key is to get creative.

Here are some other tips:

  • Metallic foil and holographic paper, tissue paper, ribbons, and bows all go in trash.
  • Christmas wreaths (natural or artificial) go in the trash. Consider donating artificial wreaths to Goodwill or Savers.
  • String lights should never be put in the recycle bin–they can endanger workers at recycling centers. Try this source for recycling broken string lights.
  • Natural Christmas trees ¬†will be collected by the City of Newton from January 3 through January 13. Please set undecorated trees out on the curb on your regular trash collection day by 7am.

Still looking for gift ides? Here is a list from Becoming Minimalist.