Are you tired of all the plastic bags you get when your dry cleaned clothes or laundered shirts come back from the cleaners? Holly Cleaners in Newton is considering offering reusable dry cleaning bags for purchase. This plan would be similar to the supermarket programs – you buy your own bag and bring it with you at drop off. The cleaned clothing would be placed inside these bags when you pickup. It would eliminate the need for plastic to package your clothes.

How it will work:

Holly Cleaners offer 2 sizes of bags. They will cost $2.60 and $3.15 respectively. The bags are yours to keep. When you drop off your clothes, you give them your pre-purchased bags to package your garments in after cleaning. They are non-woven eco-friendly zipper bags with a small window on them.

Depending on the amount of dry cleaning you do and the services you use, it may require purchasing several bags. The company states that they have purchased quality bags at a discounted price and will be offering them at cost. This is not being proposed as a profit stream but rather a way to provide an alternative to plastic.

Holly Cleaners would like feedback from customers to gauge interest in the program. If you are interested in enrolling in the program or finding out more, please email