advanced power strips save energy and money

Electronics account for approximately 12 percent of the total electricity used by the average U.S. household. Did you know that plugged-in electronics continue to use electricity even when turned off? This wasted energy is called standby power loss (or “vampire energy”). Use an advanced power strip to cut standby power loss and save up to $150 in energy costs over five years without any extra effort.

An advanced power strip helps reduce standby power loss while providing surge protection and standard power strip functionality by utilizing three types of outlets: control, controlled, and always on. The advanced power strip senses when the device plugged into the control outlet, such as your computer or TV, is turned off and eliminates power to the controlled outlets so they can’t continue to draw electricity. When you turn the control device on again, power is restored.

An advanced power strip is ideal for home offices and home entertainment. Consider using an advanced power strip if you have five or more electronics connected to your home office or entertainment or if you play video games.

Mass Save offers several models of advanced power strips in their online store. You can purchase up to three discounted power strips per account per year.


Example Home Office Set Up

Advanced Power Strip Set Up

Example Home Entertainment Set UpAdvanced Power Strip Set Up 2