Most cling wrap is made from polyvinyl chlorides (PVC), a flexible form of plastic used in a variety of consumer goods including plastic cling wrap. PVC releases dioxin–a toxin known to cause reproductive and developmental human health issues–during manufacture, use, and disposal. Research suggests the potentially toxic plastics in cling wrap leach into food and drink.
Avoid human and environmental contamination by ditching plastic cling wrap and trying some of these sustainable alternatives.

Beeswax Wrap

Need to store your leftover lunch, a half-eaten block of cheese, a chunk of bread? Beeswax food wraps have it covered (literally). This reusable and plastic-free option infuses organic cotton with naturally malleable beeswax to create a sustainable cling wrap alternative. Beeswax wrap keeps food fresh and is delightfully versatile. Buy your own Bee’s Wrap or turn it into a DIY project with friends.

Glass Containers

Glass jars are staples in every zero-waster’s toolkit. They’re washable, reusable, and recyclable. The material’s durability makes it a top choice for endlessly reusable containers that don’t pose health risks.

Cloth Wrapping

Make your own elastic and cloth bowl covers or use the Japanese cloth wrapping technique, furoshiki, as food wrap. You can purchase furoshiki wrapping cloth or just use any square or rectangular fabric for furoshiki wrapping techniques.
You can easily wash and reuse cloth wraps over and over. Flat cloth wraps have multiple uses — napkins, tablecloths, picnic blankets — while handy reusable bowl covers make for an easy, snug-fitting transition from cling wrap.

Soy Wax Paper

Conventional wax paper contains paraffin wax, which is linked to a multitude of health conditions including poor circulation and diabetes. Plus, it’s not recyclable.
Soy wax paper is a more sustainable choice. It’s compostable, non-toxic, and often made with sustainable ingredients. Soy wax or parchment paper is a safe and eco-friendly way to save food while keeping flavor and freshness in.

Whatever you choose, food wraps that are non-toxic, compostable, and organically sourced are the best way to keep your meals and cooking ingredients fresh.