GDN Supports a Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags

Tip of the Week: Film Plastic Doesn’t Belong in your Green Home Recycling Bin

Film plastic includes everything from plastic grocery bags, bread bags, bubble wrap and newspaper bags to shrink wrap and product overwrap. Some kinds of film plastic can be recycled at retail stores.

Pull the film with your hands and if it stretches and doesn’t break, you can take it to the store for recycling. If it breaks, it should be thrown in the trash. Click here for examples of recyclable film.

Clean and dry stretchy plastic bags and wrap can be recycled at many retail stores, including Whole Foods Markets. Drop-off locations may be found HERE.

Consider reusing your overwrap film plastic from products for storage or to line your trash containers. And remember, never bag your recyclables in plastic film before placing in the recycling bin!