If you are composting, either curbside with Black Earth organics pickup service, at home with a backyard compost bin, or at one of the free City of Newton drop-off sites, you will need a convenient way to save your food scraps that you generate in your kitchen. There are a wide variety of kitchen compost bins available, but investing in an attractive and ergonomic one can make a difference in making the composting process more enjoyable.

I particularly like the Joseph Joseph brand bins sold online, including on Amazon.com. They have two types, each rectangular, holding approximately 4 liters (about 1 gallon) each. I like these because they are attractive, easy to use, and ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. And they come in several colors like stone, graphite, and blue. There is a countertop model (30016) with a replaceable odor filter, and a similar model that is slimmer (Compo 4) that comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to mount it to the inside of a cabinet. Just make sure that you order the correct size replacement liners that are certified compostable.

Happy composting!