Test Your Body for Toxic Chemicals With the Silent Spring Institute’s Detox Kit

Every day we are exposed to chemicals in our environment and in the products we use. Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors that interfere with the natural hormones in our bodies and can cause health effects.

Researchers at Silent Spring Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, want to know more about our exposure to toxic chemicals contained in many household products. They’ve developed the Detox Me Action Kit, a simple urine test that detects the presence of 10 of the most common household chemicals that can accumulate in your body. When you reserve an action kit for $299 as part of this campaign, you will submit your own sample and receive a personalized report that compares your results with all other participants in the study.

We’re crowdfunding this study to get a better sense of our collective exposure to harmful environmental chemicals. Taking part in the study not only will empower you to live a healthier life, you will also be helping us generate new scientific knowledge about everyday chemical exposures. These data can support stronger policies that protect people from dangerous chemicals in consumer products.

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Why should I get tested?

Knowledge is not just power, but a prescription for prevention!

Your personalized report…

  1. indicates your level of exposure to particular toxics and shows how you compare with others in the study and in the U.S.
  2. informs you about what is known about the health risks associated with each chemical
  3. helps identify the likely sources of your exposure
  4. warns you if your exposure is much higher than others in the study
  5. shows you how to use our Detox Me™ smartphone app to help you reduce your exposures and see how low you can go

This is good for Silent Spring Institute because…

  1. it will help us further our mission to empower consumers to take action to lower unnecessary exposures to harmful chemicals called endocrine disruptors that interfere with the body’s hormones
  2. it will allow us to better characterize the public’s exposure to toxic chemicals and identify important sources of exposure
  3. findings from the study could lead to new ways of reducing exposures and better public oversight of the use of chemicals in consumer products

Together, we can create a healthier environment for everyone.

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