On March 28, the the working group who is in charge of hiring the new food services management company for Newton schools will be interviewing representatives from Sodexo and Whitens (the two companies that sent proposals) in order to determine which vendor we will be moving forward with once the current contract with Sodexo expires later this year.

While the interview is not open to the public, Matthew Miller, from the School Committee, feels that the parent/student/community voice needs to be heard. As such, they have assembled a form to collect questions.

The GN School Connections would like the following questions addressed but we would love additional questions regarding sustainability in the cafeterias from you. The more we raise our collective voice, the more we will be heard, so please submit your questions.

  • Would the Food Service Provider be prepared to participate in food recovery and composting programs?
  • What commitments can the Food Service Provider make to reduce trash generated in cafeterias, including from plastic forks, straws, milk cartons, etc.?

Please send your questions here

More information is available at: http://bigelowpto.org/2019/03/food-service-request-for-proposal/