The Governor and Legislature are deciding – right now – where we get our electricity for the next 30 years. The Governor wants natural gas companies to build new pipelines into Massachusetts. Not only will more fossil fuel make it impossible to reduce carbon pollution, YOU will pay the pipeline construction bill through higher electric rates. There’s a better way.

Today wind power companies are eager to build pollution-free wind farms far off the coast of Massachusetts in federal waters, invisible from the shore. Offshore wind power will generate large amounts of clean electricity, as well as thousands of jobs in Massachusetts. In fact, the largest wind farm developer in the world, DONG energy, wants to locate its U.S. headquarters right here in Massachusetts. Because the cost of wind turbines has dropped dramatically over time, offshore wind power will have a negligible impact on the average electric bill.

If you agree that we should invest in a pollution-free energy source like offshore wind, instead of more fossil fuels, please add your name to a petition to Governor Baker. ELM is partnering with the National Wildlife Federation to promote offshore wind in Massachusetts. Will you help?

(Reprinted with permission from Environmental League of Massachusetts.)

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