Massachusetts’ Clean Energy & Climate Plan (CECP) for 2030 is open for comment through February 22.

The Green Energy Consumer Alliance (GECA) is advocating for a more ambitious transportation plan with details to support it, including the points in the list below. Tell the Governor that you would also like to see Massachusetts:

  • commit to 100% of school bus and public transit vehicle purchases be electric by 2030 to support both social justice and children’s health (CECP proposes 30% of all medium and large vehicle purchases by 2030)
  • set goals to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) as opposed to stabilizing VMT by 2030
  • release a plan for the Transportation Climate Initiative funds that supports social justice communities
  • create a plan for Congestion Pricing
  • focus on legislative actions that can take place during the next 5 years. Increased EV adoption rates and decreased VMT cannot wait until 2030

Comment on the CECP here.

Read the Transportation Section of the CECP plan here.

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