Please tell Governor Baker to take the next step to support a market-based strategy in Massachusetts to reduce the impact of climate change by placing a price on carbon.

Prices for fossil fuels do not reflect the true costs, including the health impacts and other environmental degradation. The Global Warming Solutions Act mandates we reduce our state’s CO2 emissions 25% by 2020, and we are not yet on track to meet those mandates. Carbon pricing has been successful in 14 countries and many economists favor this policy because it has produced pollution reductions in a cost-effective way.

Carbon pricing can stimulate investment in the clean energy sector, creating more jobs, and it encourages residents and businesses to use cleaner energy because they will pay fewer fees by consuming less fossil fuel. Please tell Governor Baker to put a price on carbon.

Just click on this link and enter your zip code, and a pre-formatted message will pop up for you to sign, via Clean Water Action’s website.

Or, contact Governor Baker at    Phone:(617) 725-4005     Fax:(617) 727-9725