Newton resident Halina insulated her home

To help each of us reduce our carbon footprint, Green Newton has launched the Take Action! tool on our website. It’s a central source for information, contacts, and testimonials to help you take action against the climate crisis. This week’s testimonial is from Insulate and Air Seal Your Home.


This year we had an opportunity to learn how much money on heating an insulated attic can save. This is because in order to schedule an insulation work (which followed a free Energy Assessment) we first had to remove the old vermiculite from the attic. The result was that for a full month of January we had no insulation at all of any kind. For that month our heating bill was $328. Once the insulation was installed, the bill for February was $164. Exactly half!

It is definitely worth insulating your attic.

-Halina B.


Before and After Insulation


Here’s how to get started with Take Action!:

  1. Go to the Green Newton website and click on the Take Action! box.
  2. Sign up (create a username and  password, and enter zip code).
  3. Check off actions you have already taken and see your carbon footprint go down.
  4. Make a list of  ‘to do’ actions you want to commit to doing.

Read about the Green Newton Take Action! tool HERE.