To help each of us reduce our carbon footprint, Green Newton has launched the Take Action! tool on our website.  It’s a central source for information, contacts, and testimonials to help you take action against the climate crisis. This week’s testimonial is from Compost at Home or With a Service:


We have tried composting in our backyard for years. Unfortunately, our area of Newton has a pest problem that always makes us stop our composting efforts. We signed up for the Black Earth Compost pickup service when they first started in Newton and it has been fabulous. They are communicative, reliable and really easy. Plus, they are just nice people – the kind of entrepreneurs you hope will succeed! Because Black Earth composts everything organic our trash is now inconsequential. The compostable bags make it really easy and the bin has been vermin proof! Last summer we had a party with over 50 people and used compostable cups and plates resulting in less than 1 bag of regular trash!

We love Black Earth!

-Karen and Jon S.


Here’s how to get started with Take Action!:

  1. Go to the Green Newton website and click on the Take Action! box.
  2. Sign up (create a username and  password, and enter zip code).
  3. Check off actions you have already taken and see your carbon footprint go down.
  4. Make a list of  ‘to do’ actions you want to commit to doing.

Read about the Green Newton Take Action! tool HERE.