Take Action in 20 Minutes: Tell the President to Leave Fossil Fuel Reserves in the Ground

2020Action.org aims to empower people to take action on environmental issues in just 20 minutes a month. It’s monthly action ‘cards’ help people get informed on important issues and present the resources to take quick political action. GN will publish these monthly ‘cards’ in 2017.


1. Read the background information

Last year in Paris, the countries of the world affirmed the goal of keeping the increase in global temperatures below 2 deg C in order to avoid truly catastrophic climate change. This would require leaving about 2/3 of proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

Given this, it makes no sense to explore for NEW fossil fuel deposits, especially if they are in locations that are dangerous and vulnerable like the Arctic, or in prized locations like beautiful federal lands, or if they are especially dirty or expensive to produce. We should not be despoiling new places when we have more oil than we need and the rest must stay untouched! And there is no point building the corresponding new infrastructure, like tankers and pipelines.

2. Write a message to the President. Your own words make a difference in the impact of messages received.

Urge Pres. Obama to use his authority under the Constitution to halt all fossil fuel leases on federal lands and waters, including the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico. Also, urge him to refuse permits for tankers and barges to move the Alberta tar sands oil through US rivers and coastal waters, and to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline which would destroy ancestral burial grounds and threaten the water supply of Indian tribes and others downriver.


President Barack Obama
Web: www.whitehouse.gov/contact
Tel: 202 456-1111 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Fax: 202 456-2461
President Barack Obama
The White House
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