Flame retardant chemicals—often added to upholstered furniture, car seats, toys, and many more household products—are linked to cancer, birth defects, decreased fertility, nervous system damage, and other health problems. Unfortunately, as used they often do little to stop the spread of fire.  Children’s health is put at risk from daily exposure to these chemicals and fire fighters have even higher exposures than the average person because of the fumes they are exposed to in burning buildings.  Please urge our state legislators to write to the Public Safety Committee in support H.2119, the Children and Firefighters Protection Act, which will phase out the use of harmful flame retardants in children’s products and household furniture. Senator Creem has also filed a similar bill S.1132 and Representatives Balser and Khan have each co-sponsored one or both of these bills.  To contact them click HERE.

Provided by Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow.