Newton has many hundreds of unrepaired gas leaks. Gas can cause explosions and fires, pollutes our air indoors and out, kills our trees and drives climate change. And, the utilities charge ratepayers for the lost gas. We all can help reduce the risk, the pollution, the waste and the cost of gas leaks.

Smell Gas? Act Fast! Gas leaks can be explosive.
The “rotten egg” smell is a warning.
Leave the area or the building.
Call 911 or National Grid 1-800-233-5325

When you call, National Grid comes out to measure the leak and give it a grade:

  • Grade 1 leaks are potentially explosive. They must be repaired immediately.
  • Grade 2 leaks are considered non-hazardous, but could become hazardous in the near future.
  • Grade 3 leaks are considered non-hazardous but National Grid charges ratepayers for the lost gas.
  • Grade 3SEI leaks are super large volume leaks that have Significant Environmental Impact (SEI) because methane drives climate change. Some have been leaking for years.

More information, visit Mothers Out Front Newton and A Future Without Gas.