Growing vegetables is fun, easy, and highly rewarding. We’ll convene in our instructor Jeff Klein’s yard on Wednesday, May 26 from 2-4pm to see raised beds in action. We’ll learn the merits of in-ground vs. raised gardens and explore various garden styles and layouts. You will also discover what grows best in different light conditions and how to properly maintain a garden. Just imagine- squash, carrots, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and more, all products of your new garden! Let’s get planting. There is a minimum age requirement of 18. Course tuition is $49. The Newton Community Ed course code is G213-P21.

Note: Dress for the weather and for gardening as this class will take place outdoors. Location will be emailed to students. Masks and social distancing required.


Instructor Bio:

Jeff Klein has been gardening, baking, and perfecting homemaking for more than 15 years. Curiously, Jeff’s first cooking and baking jobs were at McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica, where he once jumped into the subfreezing ocean on a dare. In addition to community education, Jeff has been a science teacher and tutor in both middle and high school. An accomplished gardener and scholar of all things green, Jeff studied environmental science at Brown University and earned an MS in Forest Ecology and Natural Resources from Cornell University. He now runs a carbon-neutral garden design and maintenance business for homeowners.