Recirclable is a brand new, woman-owned business that provides restaurants with reusable containers and an app that allows both customers and restaurant managers to keep track of those reusables. The company is a labor of love brought about by two women in Arlington who saw that there was an increase in take-out waste during the pandemic and decided to do something about it. Kudos to Ulrike Müller and Margie Bell for taking on this challenge!

Building materials for reuse

One thing we love about Recirclable is that their app allows restaurants to see the fruits of their reuse efforts in real time. For example, at one restaurant, 300 single-use bowls were saved from the trash, by investing in just 30 reusable bowls. And reports indicate the containers still look like new, with plenty of life left in them – what a win for reuse!

Currently, Recirclable is working with three restaurants. Visit the Press section of their website, or follow on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to learn more.

Want to see more reusables in your favorite take-out restaurant? Let them know that you’re interested in this kind of program! This kind of behavior change can take time to develop since both the restaurants and customers need to see positive outcomes before they take the plunge, but Recirclable shows it’s possible to make a big impact on restaurant waste with just one small change. ????


Photo: Boston Building Resources (BBR)

Recirclabe’s Ulrike Müller and Margie Bell with Doug Shube of Shubie’s

This post was originally published in the August 2022 Recycle Smart MA Newsletter.