The City of Newton has decided to purchase electricity for residents and businesses in bulk, starting this Fall. This aggregated energy purchasing program is called Newton Power Choice.

Getting a high percentage of renewable energy into the Newton Power Choice contract offers Newton our best opportunity to fight climate change this year! Come to a House party and learn how important it is to green our grid as much as we can. See House Party dates below.

Sign Up Now for a “40% More” House Party

At the House Parties you learn to:

  • Learn About Newton Power Choice & the 40% More Campaign.
  • Find out how to help support more renewable energy in the Newton Power Choice contract.
  • Meet others who care deeply about the environment.

Can’t Attend but Want to Help?

Please Sign the “40% More” Letter of Support!

House Party Dates & Times

  • Thursday, June 28  7:00-8:30pm  (in Newton Centre, not far from Countryside School.)
  • Saturday, June 30  2:00-3:30pm (in Newton Centre, near Homer St.)

Thank you for all you do to support and protect the environment!