Shave the Peak is a program designed by Green Energy Consumers Alliance to inform people, via text and email alerts, how and when to reduce power use on days when demand for electricity is significantly higher than usual or average.

As we begin to see temperatures rise above 90°F this summer, skyrocketing demand on the power grid leads to increased fossil fuel consumption and increased wholesale prices (which ultimately get passed onto retail customers – us). Oftentimes, the New England power system sees demand peaking just as solar power production tails off at dusk and it’s still hot. “Peaks” on a given summer day refers to the hour that demand was highest (for example, 6pm). Shave the Peak alerts often recommend saving energy during a typical window of 4-8pm, depending on the day’s specific conditions.

Peak days are a major factor in regard to pollution and the cost of our electricity.

How You Can Shave the Peaks

This summer, subscribers to Shave the Peak will receive text and email alerts on peak days with information on individual actions that can help reduce overall electricity usage during peak demand hours. If you’re subscribed (it’s free) receive an alert the day before and the day of a potential peak.