Monday, April 10 from 4-6:30pm. In-Person TBD.

Set your garden up for success! Early spring—before the leaves and blossoms return to the trees—is a wonderful time to wake your garden beds up from their winter slumber. Instructor Jeff Klein will provide guidance on seeding wildflowers, using compost or fertilizer, and adding mulch. Learn to prune with style. This class is for novice and experienced gardeners alike and will meet off-site in the yard of a participant.

Please email if you’d like to volunteer your space, especially if you have a variety of different perennials and shrubs. Note: Location will be emailed to students after registering.


Jeff Klein, who is on Green Newton’s list of recommended lawn care providers, has been gardening for more than 15 years. In addition to teaching in community education, Jeff has been a science teacher and tutor in both middle and high school. An accomplished gardener and scholar of all things green, Jeff studied environmental science at Brown University and earned an MS in Forest Ecology and Natural Resources from Cornell University. He now runs a carbon-neutral garden design and maintenance business for homeowners. Course tuition: $65