“Peak” electricity events pollute our environment and cost us money. Electricity usage skyrockets during the hottest summer days when everyone’s A/C is cranking and the coldest winter conditions when heaters are working overtime. Referred to as a “peak event,” the high electricity demand causes grid operators to turn on old, expensive fossil-fueled power plants.

Peak events affect our pocketbooks too. Peak events account for only 10% of the hours out of all our collective electricity use, and yet they increase the overall electricity costs to us, the consumers, by 40%.

Based on weather conditions and other factors, it’s possible to anticipate when peak events will occur. As individuals working together, we can reduce the electricity we use during peak events, and influence policymakers to usher in a smarter grid–one that works in harmony with energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce dirty electricity peaks.

This is what Mass Energy’s newest program, Shave the Peak, aims to do.

Sign up for peak day alerts, and get tips on how you can reduce your electricity usage during these crucial hours.

What can a few thousand households going easy on the A/C and delaying laundry until after peak do? We can “fuel” policy advocacy to create a smarter grid free of fossil fuels.

This is your new way to green the grid. Are you ready to Shave the Peak? Read more.