Thursday, April 27 at 7pm. Online.

Next in the series of webinars by the Newton Democratic City Committee’s Climate Crisis Subcommittee is a new program called “Getting Real About Getting Off Gas.”

The webinar seeks to provide a public forum about this dilemma: a relative abundance of natural gas and its growing infrastructure, versus the urgent need for decarbonization to avoid the worst effects of climate change. The panel will:

  • discuss the economics of competing visions for the futures of natural gas and substitutes,
  • address potential pathways and timelines for reducing dependence on natural gas, and
  • provide direction to those seeking to make an impact.


Panelists for the April 27 webinar are:

  • Dr. Melissa Chan (Moderator), Director of Grid Solutions & Strategic Partnerships, Fermata Energy;
  • Adam Bernstein, Managing Director, North Sky Capital;
  • Jay Snyder, Manager, Field Integrations and Technology Alliances; and
  • Ezra Hausman, Ph.D., President, Ezra Hausman Consulting

(In 2022, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas produced approximately 40% of U.S. electricity, renewables 22%, coal 20%, and nuclear 18%.)

The Climate Crisis Subcommittee’s webinar is the latest in a series on climate change with a goal to educate and increase activism. The series began in 2022 with four panels: two focused on municipal and two focused on state-level action. The state panel featured Newton’s elected legislators — State Senator Cynthia Creem and State Representatives Kay Kahn and Ruth Balser. The series continued in January 2023 with a panel on “Housing and Climate Change” and in March, on “Nuclear Energy and Climate Change.” All of these webinars are posted on YouTube.