Tuesday, May 14 from 6:30-8:30pm. Online.

Please join LexCAN for a viewing of the Project Drawdown webinar “Food Matters: Why Climate Change may Hinge on What We Eat and How We Grow it” with Dr. Jonathan Foley. This webinar focuses on the importance of our food system on solving climate change. Dr. Foley presents 6 Pillars of global challenges and opportunities for meaningful change in our food system. How is our food grown; what are agricultural products grown for; what are the impacts on climate, land use, and water; and how can we make a difference with our own food choices are some of the questions addressed. Following the viewing of the webinar (57 minutes), there will be a Q and A session and a discussion.


The program will be recorded and posted to LexCAN’s YouTube channel. You can find the channel here.