Julia and Mia show how it’s done.

While the climate crisis is a no joking matter, we can all use a little humor to keep our spirits up. As a lighthearted activity to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, Green Newton is proposing that we all beautify our streets with “Sidewalk Chalk Climate Jokes”. This is a great way to introduce Green Newton’s new Take Action!  tool and encourage our community to take action on climate change.



Take Action! draws attention to the actions that each Newton resident can take to lower their impact on climate. With almost 60% of greenhouse gases coming from household energy and cars, our personal actions really matter! Sign in and check off the actions you’ve already taken. Make a list of “To dos” and get to it. Challenge others to take action with Green Newton!


Help us get the word out! Here’s what to do:

  1. Pick a silly wordplay joke that can be used for your chalk messages (ideas here).
  2. Write the joke on the sidewalk with the words “Take Action! at greennewton.org
  3. Post pictures of your sidewalk jokes on social media and tag #NewtonTakesClimateAction

Have fun and Take Action!