Senator Creem Receives Clean Water Action’s Legislative Champion Award

With gratitude for her ongoing leadership and commitment to public health, Senator Cynthia Creem received Clean Water Action’s 2017 Legislative Champion award at CWA’s annual Spring for Water Celebration, May 16.

“Senator Cynthia Creem is a trailblazer and warrior fighting to get toxic flame retardants out of children’s products and household furniture, one of CWA’s top priorities,” said CWA organizer Kadineyse Ramize Peña.

“On the very day of this event last year, Senator Creem’s bill to ban toxic flame retardants in children’s products passed the Senate unanimously, said CWA Director Elizabeth Saunders. “Unfortunately it did not pass the House before the session ended so we are back to get the job done this year.”

Saunders also took a moment to remember another trailblazer and warrior, Senator Ken Donnelly who passed away on April 2 after a 10 month struggle with brain cancer. Senator Donnelly sponsored and worked with CWA on multiple bills to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals.

The flame retardants issue was personal for him; he was a firefighter for over 37 years before becoming the Senator from Arlington in 2008 and he often spoke about the elevated rates of cancer in his family and his firefighting brothers and sisters. It is particularly poignant that he was ultimately killed by the exact thing that he was working so hard to prevent.