(The following post is curtesy of Clean Water Action.)

Last week, the Massachusetts Senate voted in favor of passing S.2293, An Act to protect children and families from harmful flame retardants, sponsored by Senator Cynthia Stone Creem! This is a victory that could not have been achieved without the hard work of Clean Water Action, the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, and several other groups!

We are now one step closer to passing a law in Massachusetts that will ban 11 toxic flame retardants from children’s products and household furniture! Moments like these remind us that when we raise our voices together and demand strong protections for our health and environment, WE CAN WIN!

Now that it has passed the Senate, S.2293 will move on to the House of Representatives. The House has until July 31st to pass it, and we expect that the chemical industry still has some cards up their sleeves and will be scrambling to stop this bill from reaching the Governor’s desk. We’ll keep you informed on next steps as we see this battle through to the very end!