On December 6, Green Newton’s Environmental Youth Leadership Program presented ‘Greening the Holidays,’ a program to help all of us rethink our holiday habits and inspire us to consider the environmental impact of every gift that we give. The video of the presentation is now available and below are resources relating to each topic discussed in our program, including questions and notes from the chat.


Green Newton would like to give a big shout out to our student leaders –  Kaleigh Yee, Hailey Strickler, Ahona Dam, Mia Santangelo, Ava Freeman, Coral Lin, Clara Dutton, Elizabeth Sockwell and Jojo Parks – and a special thanks to Windley Knowlton, who coordinated the program. 

Happy Sustainable Holidays!


Food and Waste

  • Green Newton – Take Steps to Reduce Your Food Waste
  • For our full list of resources on sourcing local food, better understanding the meat & dairy industry, and incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet, click here



Capture Carbon Commemorate COVID-19 (4C Tree) Project

  • Interested in becoming involved with this potential project? Contacts below.
    • Elizabeth Sockwell, leader of 4C Project: elizabeth.sockwell@trincoll.edu
    • Marcia Cooper, Green Newton President: marcia@greennewton.org


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  • For more advocacy resources including ways to become involved with local environmental orgs, zoning info, and more, click here

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Gift Giving

  • For our extensive list of gift recommendations, ideas, and links, click here