On June 4, 12 homeowners on Garland Road in Newton Center hosted visitors on their front yards, answering question on home energy projects like solar, heat pumps, insulation, electric vehicles, as well as about induction stoves, composting, native gardens, and public transportation.  It was a chance for residents to talk to each other about their experiences–what worked and what didn’t–and to support one another in taking climate action.

Organize Your Own Street Tour!

The event was organized by volunteers who happened to notice that theirs were not the only solar panels in the neighborhood, or the only EV, or the only heat pump. We encourage you to look around and chat with your neighbors about putting on a Street Tour of your own. Any of the projects mentioned above qualifies a neighbor–they just need to be willing to share their experience. The City’s 4 Our Future program will provide a guide to putting one on. Please contact Liora Silkes if you think if you might like to organize your neighborhood or have questions about improving your home.