Residential Compost Pickup Services Available in Newton!

Here’s info about two compost pick-up services…

City Compost provides a food scrap collection service for composting at $5/week for residential customers. All types of food can be accepted, material is processed independently to eliminate risk of contamination from other generators. Then the organic quality compost produced goes off to local farms, community gardens, or back to our home customers making it the first of its kind full circle service. City Compost can provide educational resources, compost consulting, and customized solutions for offices, cafes, restaurants, caterers, and other types of organizations as well. Learn more at or by calling 978-378-3048.

Bootstrap Compost is a residential food scrap pickup service that visits Newton every Thursday between 9am and 9pm. They use 5-gallon buckets outfitted with a compostable liner and tight-fitting lid. Each week or every other week (for $10 or $12 per visit, respectively), a Bootstrap rep will swap out your full bucket with a clean replacement bucket before hauling your organic scraps to one of three area farms for the purpose of making a nutrient-rich soil amendment. All residential customers are eligible to receive up to 60 pounds of compost per year, available upon request. To learn more about their education-driven mission, visit Also, new Newton subscribers who enroll by June are eligible for two free visits. Contact 617-642-1979 | [email protected]