In the past three years, Congress has reversed or delayed chemical bans, gutted chemical safety rules, rejected sound science, weakened worker and consumer protections, and denied justice to asbestos victims. The Environmental Working Group (EWG Action Fund) examined the voting record of every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and created a toxic chemical policy scorecard so you can know where your member stands.

Click here to view EWG Action Fund’s Toxic Chemical Policy Scorecard.

Here is how to read the scorecard:

  • Next to the representative’s name are listed 17 bills and indicated when the representative voted to strengthen (green checkmark) or weaken (red x-mark) policy related to chemicals in the environment.
  • EWG calculated the percentage of their votes that were pro-environment and gave each member a score. The higher the score, the more they voted to protect our environment and health.

You’ll be glad to know that Representative Joe Kennedy scored a 100% favorable rating on the EWG Action Fund’s Toxic Chemical Policy Scorecard.  You can learn more about the different bills here.