I had invested in a great pair of leather winter boots–insulated, waterproof, and wide enough for my duck shaped feet. They kept me warm against the winter chill through many seasons–until the zipper broke. It was devastating to think about having to find another pair that fit so well and go through the uncomfortable period of breaking them in.

I had seen the little Pelham Shoe Repair storefront in Newton Center and took the boots in. Not only did they repair the zipper, they polished the leather beautifully. I am still wearing those boots two years after the repair and hope to get more years out of them (Submitted by Sunwoo Kahng)

Pelham Shoe Repair (21 Pelham St, Newton Centre)

To achieve meaningful reduction in waste, we know we need to move beyond recycling to reduce and reuse. Tell us your best tips on businesses in the Newton area that have successfully repaired items. We will publish stories in future issues to help others repair and reuse.

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