In 2016, I inherited a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from family. I then promptly packed the mixer away in a crammed storage unit for a few years. Once I retrieved the machine, I noticed a big dent on the top thanks to my poor packing efforts. Although the mixer still worked, I could not unlock the lever that enabled the head to tilt back, so I could barely get the bowl in and out. A request for repair shop recommendations on some local Facebook groups yielded the name Holliston TV Services.

The very kind and competent proprietor not only fixed the lever, he repaired a small oil leak and had the machine ready for pickup in about a day for $50. Not only was I pleased to keep the mixer working because of its connection to my family, the repair represented a substantial cost-savings over replacement: a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer runs between $300-$500, depending on the model. As a bonus, the experience of working with this business – a sweet little shop in a small old building — felt like going back in time. When he called me to tell me my machine was ready for pickup, the proprietor told me to leave my money on the counter if I came by when he was out–which is exactly what I did. (Submitted by Susan in West Newton)

Holliston TV Services (34 Central St, Holliston. (508) 429-4344) provides small appliance repairs.


To achieve meaningful reduction in waste, we know we need to move beyond recycling to reduce and reuse. However, it is not always easy to repair an item yourself or find someone who can repair it. We would like readers to tell us your best tips on businesses in the Newton area that have successfully repaired items. We will publish stories in future issues to help others repair and reuse.

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