Bees are critical for pollinating the entire ecosystem including the food we eat. On Wednesday, October 13 from 7-8:30pm, learn in this online presentation which bees are at serious risk, why, and how we can help those in our surrounding environment. Learn how you can maximize biodiversity in your own backyard by creating pollination systems that are at risk of local extinction. Dr. Robert J. Gegear will discuss his Beecology Citizen Science Project, highlighting recent examples of how communities from across Massachusetts have used his native plant list to successfully restore pollination systems in areas with high levels of human disturbance, including parks, golf courses, old fields with invasives/non-natives, agricultural areas, conservation lands, and school campuses.

Dr. Robert J. Gegear is a professor in the Department of Biology at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He has been studying the neuroecology and conservation of plant-pollinator systems for over 25 years. Dr. Gegear is the founder of the Beecology Citizen Science Project, which uses eco-technology to protect and restore plant-pollinator systems native to New England.


This webinar is sponsored by Newton Conservators, Green Newton, and Friends of Cold Spring Park.