The Charles River Regional Chamber (Newton, Needham, Wellesley and Watertown) is hosting the webinar ‘Dispelling Myths about Net Zero & Passive House Buildings’ on Thursday, August 11 from 9-10am.

Recognizing the growing demand to make residential building energy efficient, an increasing number of developers , architects, and builders are embracing Passive House building standards.┬áBut others are skeptical that Passive House and net zero residential buildings can be built at a reasonable cost, look beautiful and cut energy use by the promised 40% – 60%. In this webinar, we will present evidence about recently-built developments. We will discuss what was hard, what was easy, and the lessons learned by teams that build Passive House and net zero buildings. We will also describe the significant financial incentives both for building Passive House buildings, and for attending training sessions about high-performance all-electric single-family homes.

The webinar is targeted for those in the development, building and real estate sectors but the content could be of interest to anyone looking to understand opportunities and obstacles towards making single and multi-family homes more energy efficient.

The webinar will include a Q & A.



  • Beverly Craig, LEED AP is a Senior Program Manager at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center coordinating programs such as the Passive House Design Challenge for affordable housing and clean energy workforce development programs.
  • Jonathan Kantar is the principal at Sage Builders LLC and volunteers on the Newton Energy Commission and Design Review Committee. Jonathan is a Certified Passive House Builder and has been working in the high performance residential design and construction field for more than 30 years.