PROBLEM: The EPA estimates that 7.6 billon pounds of diapers are discarded is the U.S. each year. People may mistake a diaper as being recyclable because they are composed of mostly plastic. However, diapers are made of a number of materials and typically more than one type of plastic. These materials cannot be separated for recycling during standard processing.

SOLUTION: Use cloth diapers to reduce your baby’s carbon footprint and save money. Advances in cloth diaper design have made them easy to use with features such as velcro and waterproof outer linings. Cloth diapers can save money over the cost of disposable diapers, particularly if you use them over multiple children.

There are cloth diaper delivery and pick up services if you’d rather not wash them yourself. Here are some companies that service the Boston area:

Manage single-use diapers along with your regular household trash and donate unused and unneeded diapers instead of disposing of them.