Johnny’s Luncheonette is now offering reusable takeout containers! You can order omelettes, other breakfast favorites like Burrata Avocado Toast as well as a full selection of sandwiches, burgers and salad in Recirclable containers. When you’ve finished your meal you simply have to rinse and return the food containers to any participating restaurant.

This network of Recirclable restaurants includes Judith’s Kitchen in West Newton, Grape Leaf in Newton Highlands, and Little Luke’s Cafe in Newton Upper Falls. Hundreds of Newton residents have used this service to reduce plastic waste while supporting local food establishments. 

Below are some pictures of food being packaged and picked up by Newton residents in Recirclable containers. And here is a description of how it works:

  1. Download the Recirclable app and create an account (it’s free!).
  2. To order online: open the Recirclable app on your phone, choose Johnny’s, and select ‘order’.  When placing your food order, choose reusables for each meal item. Recirclable bowls will be automatically checked out to your account.
  3. To order in person: scan the Recirclable borrow QR code at the restaurant and start borrowing!
  4. Restaurant staff will pack food in Recirclable containers – durable, clean and microwave safe.
  5. At pickup:  Confirm your Recirclable borrow account with the cashier, grab your order, then eat and enjoy your eco-friendly takeout!
  6. To return: Rinse and return your containers (within two weeks) to any participating Recirclable restaurant.  Simply scan the return QR code to confirm your return. Restaurants clean and sanitize containers before reusing.