Reader Responds to ‘Quick Tips to Save Energy This Winter’

Reader Sally Brickell commented on the post ‘Quick Tips to Save Energy This Winter’ that was published in the 1/10/17 edition of the GN E-newsletter. (Headline photo courtesy of Sally):

Dear Green Newton,

I have a comment on the following tip shared in your e-newsletter:
  • After you’ve finished using your oven, leave it slightly ajar to heat the room without turning up the heat
The last time I had my oven repaired, the technician told me that the control panel/“brain” of the oven is in the front on top, where the buttons are. If your oven is designed this way, it is a mistake to leave it open while cooling. The heat from the oven will destroy the control panel and you will eventually have to replace it.
Best Regards,
Sally Brickell